All you need to know about secured loans

A secured loan is a type of a borrowing that requires from the loaner presenting a secure against a loan amount. Such items as automobile, home or other valuable property can act as secure. In the event of nonpayment of the loan, the lender has a right to take the pledged property in order to […]

Small Business Loans

If you are planning a business you must take into the consideration a number of things such as what type of business will be prosperous for you to have and whether you have enough finance to start it. Typically, most individuals starting their own business need additional financial support. There different a source of additional […]

Loan Needs

Need a subprime lender 1. Need a subprime lender that will not require payoffs of collections. 80% LTV full doc. middle score of 559. Purchase. $104,000 in reserves. 67,000 purchase price. Property in Florida. Can not get an LP accept with FHA. 2. Have a 70% LTV purchase. $612,000 loan amount. Middle score of 671. […]