Loan Needs

Need a subprime lender

1. Need a subprime lender that will not require payoffs of collections. 80% LTV full doc. middle score of 559. Purchase. $104,000 in reserves. 67,000 purchase price. Property in Florida. Can not get an LP accept with FHA.
2. Have a 70% LTV purchase. $612,000 loan amount. Middle score of 671. Borrower has $1.5 million in the bank. Need stated. Problem is chapter 7 bankruptcy discharged 30 months ago and tax liens that are all paid. Need the best rate possible. Property in Florida.

I need a 90 – 95% purchase

Has a 491 credit score- house is $50,000- has multiple credit issues-$31478 owed for credit card, several unpaid student student loans-no public records or bankruptcies- 1st time buyer- same job for 3 years and rented same home for 3 years

Need help in placing a loan ,property in NC

Need help with 85% ltv with middle score of 513.
I have full package. 7×30 in last 12mos
property appraised at 200,000 need loan amt of 170,000 to pay off lien and
first mtg balance.. Full doc
What lenders can do this?
send me email or call 704 846 5209Â Otis
First Decision Mtg

Need Condo Lender Quickly

I need a lender in Ohio that will lend on a Purchase for a 12 unit condominium complex. 11 of 12 units are rented and loan is for 70% of actual Value. The purchase agreement shows the buyer getting a $460,000 first mortgage, seller carry back of $30,000 and down of $25,000. DTI is good and Middle score is 785. National City Bank turned this loan down because this was the first investment property the female client wanted to buy. Please give me some ideas ASAP.