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New Prophecy Conference 

DVDs Available (5 sessions)

Part One: 7 Signs Given By Jesus to

Indicate the End of the Age -

7 Requirements for the End of the Age

(Can be used in Sunday School) 34 minutes

Part Two: The 10 Key Events In Bible Prophecy

1-3 (Rapture - Bema Seat - Marriage Supper)

 47 minutes

Part Three: Daniel's 70-Week Prophecy -

Three Key Players in Bible Prophecy - 40 minutes

Part Four: Key Event # 4 - The 7-Year Tribulation

(The Seal, Bowl, and Trumpet Judgments)

40 minutes

Part Five: The 10 Key Events In

Bible Prophecy (5-10) - 44 minutes

$50 including S & H


New PowerPoint Backgrounds

Set Available



Over 350 backgrounds designed specifically

for preaching and teaching

$25 including S & H


Summer Closeout Specials

Special # 1 

“Exposing Evolution 101”   


          It includes over 2700 PowerPoint slides for 20 classroom hours, the student   handouts, and the final exam.  I have 7 sets left (on two CDs).   Let me know by email if you would like one of these sets. Commande du pas cher de securite en ligne

Was $50, now just $25 including S & H 


Special # 2

I have a slide CD with all the PowerPoint slides for my “In The Last Days” Prophecy Conference.  There are also student handouts to print out.  I have changed the material around somewhat on my new CDs, but most of the content remains the same.  I have 16 of these left.  There are 5 presentations, over 1300 slides.  Let me know by email if you would like one of these sets. 


Was $50, now just $20 including S & H

Special # 3

Biblical Foundations Series on Creation versus Evolution.  These are 13 lessons developed to be used in Sunday School, or in an evening service, for example.  The CD includes a teaching manual in Microsoft Word, plus student handouts.  Some of this material is duplicated from "Exposing Evolution 101," you would probably not want to order both.



Was $25, now just $10 including S & H


Special # 4

I have a PowerPoint slide CD: “Why We Use The King James Bible.”  There are almost 200 slides, plus a student handout to print out, and the autobiographies of all the King James translators.  I am making this CD available for $10.  These I still have a good supply of, and can produce more.                                                                  


Was $15, now just $10 including S & H

If you would like any of these, email me and I will set one aside for you.  Then send a check to:

Dr. Arv Edgeworth 

4027 S. Hemlock Ln

Mount Morris, MI  48458


Evangelism Tools

In the past I have offered my book: "Dismantling Evolution Made Easy."  It is 76 pages long, and is designed to equip Christians to have the answers they need in dealing with someone who has been taught evolution in school.  The theory of Evolution is based on four basic things.  This book gives two simple opening questions to ask, then three simple questions in each of those four areas.  It then gives a couple easy questions to ask to make a simple transition right into the plan of salvation.


In the back of the book I give a diagram showing how to put all of this on 6 index cards for easy memorization.  I have been informed by people who have tried it that it works, and it equipped them to know exactly what to ask to "dismantle" evolution.  This probably will not work with a college professor who has been thoroughly brainwashed, but it could, if they have an open mind.


To go along with this book I have developed a training DVD about 50 minutes long, that will teach you, and help you to train others in how to have the answers you need to win others who have been influenced by the devil's lie of evolution, to a saving knowledge of Christ.

  $5.00 for the book.  $15 for the DVD.

Both for $20, shipping and handling included.


I also have a book that deals with the extreme positions of Calvinism and Arminianism, "Tiptoe Through The T-U-L-I-Ps, but try to keep your balance."  The book is over 100 pages and sells for $7.00.  I will make all three available for $25, including S & H. 

If you order this book separately, please include $2.00 for S & H.


Giving God the Glory for His Creation!

Refuting the Devil's Lie of Evolution!